Embedded Network Manager: Ensuring Choice and Compliance

In the dynamic landscape of Australia's energy sector, the role of Embedded Network Managers (ENMs) is paramount in ensuring both choice and compliance within embedded networks. With the emergence of on-market connections, the selection of a dedicated ENM becomes imperative to facilitate seamless transitions and uphold regulatory requirements.

The Role and Importance of an ENM

An ENM plays a pivotal role in facilitating transitions between off-market and on-market connectivity for customers within Embedded Networks. This responsibility is particularly crucial in adherence to the National Energy Rules, where network exemption holders must either assume the role of an ENM or appoint one under specified conditions.

Our Accreditation and Assurance

As a certified Embedded Network Manager, our commitment extends beyond compliance. We prioritise preserving customers' autonomy, ensuring they retain the freedom to choose their energy retailer within embedded networks. Our accreditation ensures accurate representation of on-market connections within wholesale market systems (MSATS), empowering customers to access electricity from external market retailers.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

With expertise spanning Commercial, Retail, and Industrial sectors, we offer tailored ENM solutions and bespoke strategies aligned with the unique intricacies of your Embedded Network. Whether you opt to retain your current Embedded Network Operator or explore new opportunities, our solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements.

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