Our People

Our People

At the heart of Energy Intelligence's success is our team - a diverse group of dedicated professionals who bring unparalleled expertise and passion to their roles. Each member embodies our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Their collective experience, drive, and collaborative spirit ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry. As we delve into individual staff profiles, you'll get a glimpse of the talent and dedication that make Energy Intelligence a leader in the energy sector.

Mardi Trezise

Managing Director

Mardi serves as the astute Managing Director of Energy Intelligence. Co-founding the business with her husband, David Regenspurger, Mardi oversees pivotal domains including Finance, HR, Operations and Compliance. She brings leadership prowess and a commitment to excellence to her role. Mardi's innovative approach and deep understanding of Embedded Networks have been instrumental in shaping Energy Intelligence's organisational culture.

Scott Black

Director Sales and Marketing

With over 30 years of expertise in Sales and Marketing, Scott is a seasoned professional in the energy sector. He possesses a depth of knowledge across various niches, including Embedded Networks, Retail Electricity, and Renewable Generation. Notably, Scott played a pivotal role in revolutionising the Embedded Network landscape in Australia. His proactive, customer-focused attitude, coupled with sharp strategic insight, ensures that clients' needs are met with precision and foresight.

George Yerondais

Strategy & Operations Director

George brings over twenty years of experience in Business Development and Consulting to his role as Director of Operations and Strategy. His deep understanding covers distribution, contestable markets, and the complexities of the embedded network sector. George's dedication has helped steer the organisation's direction, optimise its functions, and maintain its momentum.

Mussan Larnach

Compliance Manager

Mussan's rich professional journey spanning over 18 years encompasses various sectors of the energy industry, particularly focusing on the on-selling of energy across several states in Australia. Her expertise in compliance, billing, customer service management, and project management underscores her versatility in the industry.

Nat O’Donnell

General Manager Engineering & Electrical Infrastructure

Nat boasts over two decades of expertise in electrical service and engineering and has led the successful installation and commissioning of some of the largest embedded network projects in Australia. Nat's addition to the team bolsters our technical prowess in Electrical Infrastructure design and installation and expands our Project Management offering.

Pambudi Wahyudi

Modelling Data Services Manager

Pambudi's versatile expertise encompasses technical IT support, energy analysis, and systems development. With formal qualifications as a Telecommunications Engineer and substantial experience in NABERS and energy auditing, Pambudi brings a strong foundation in energy efficiency to the team. His leadership in the modelling and analysis domain highlights his pivotal role in steering the company towards innovative and tailored energy management solutions.

Rahul Mediratta

Energy Consultant – Project Manager

Rahul specialises in Engineering Manufacture and Management, bringing a wealth of experience from roles related to manufacturing management, sales, customer relationship handling, administration, and process control. With proficiency in business planning, analytics, production management, and project management, Rahul adds significant value to the team with his diverse skill set and global perspective.