Energy Management

Streamline Your Energy Management with Energy Intelligence

Explore our Energy Management solutions at Energy Intelligence. We provide a range of services to streamline your energy management processes and unlock cost-saving opportunities while staying within your budget. Our budget forecasting service allows you to plan ahead effectively, ensuring that your energy expenses are accurately projected and managed. From bill validation to energy procurement, consumption monitoring, contract management, network tariff optimization, and submetering, we have the expertise to help you take control of your energy usage and achieve your sustainability goals. Contact us today to experience the difference with Energy Intelligence!

Bill Validation

Be proactive about your energy bills and ensure accuracy to avoid overcharges. Energy Intelligence has recovered significant amounts for our clients by rectifying common billing errors such as meter data inaccuracies, incorrect energy rates, and faulty time-of-use calculations. Let us verify your bills and negotiate applicable credits on your behalf. Have you been overcharged? Contact us to learn more.

Energy Procurement Services

Unlock cost savings by securing the best energy rates for your site. Our seasoned energy consultants can either beat your current rates or conduct a thorough tendering process to assess offerings from various retailers. We analyse all factors, including metering, Renewable Energy Certificates, and service fees, to ensure you get the most competitive rates. Do you have the best energy rate? Let's find out together.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Gain insights into your energy usage patterns with our Building Energy Reporting Tool (BERT). BERT provides detailed data on electricity consumption, carbon emissions, and energy-saving initiatives across multiple sites. Our user-friendly online portal offers personalized energy data and graphing capabilities. Book a demonstration today to explore how BERT can optimize your energy management strategies.

Energy Contract Management

Maximize profitability and minimize risks with our comprehensive contract monitoring services. From constant contract monitoring to market pricing analysis, we ensure your accounts remain on optimal energy rates. Our expert advice covers energy pricing, regulatory compliance, and demand reduction strategies. If your electricity expenditure exceeds $30,000 annually, chat with an energy consultant to learn more about our tailored solutions.

Network Tariff Optimisation

Achieve significant savings by switching to cost-effective network tariffs. Our advanced systems analyse your meter data to identify opportunities for tariff optimization. If a preferable tariff is found, we handle the formal submission process to have your network tariff changed. Benefit from our success-only engagement model – we don't charge for initial analysis, and any savings we find are guaranteed. Speak to an expert today about optimizing your network tariffs.


Harness the power of submetering to gain granular insights into your utility usage. Submeters allow you to monitor energy consumption, capture carbon emissions data, and identify usage irregularities. With submetering, you can develop tailored energy management strategies, fairly apportion energy costs to tenants, and promote conservation efforts. Contact us to discuss implementing submetering solutions tailored to your business needs.

Experience the Difference with Energy Intelligence. Contact us to streamline your energy management processes and unlock cost-saving opportunities.