EN Customers

If you are moving into one of our embedded networks, you can sign up online through the link on the price fact sheet. 

As an Energy Intelligence customer,

here are some of the things you can expect from us and other important information.

  • Dedicated Service – Our dedicated Customer Support team are here to help with any queries or complaints. You can reach us on support@energyintel.com.au or by calling us on 1300 277 233.
  • Monthly Bill – Rather than a quarterly bill, we will read and bill your meter once a month. This helps with managing your budget.
  • Email invoices – saves paper Invoices will be emailed instead of posted to you – giving you more time to pay.
  • Many ways to pay – You can pay via Direct Debit, BPay, at an Australia Post store or online.
  • Hassle free connection – We’re able to install and connect your meter quickly and without hassle.
  • Your agreement has no fixed term.
  • Your energy plan has no exit fees.

Contacting us
Here at Energy Intelligence, we understand that everyone has a different way they like to chat. You can get in touch with us in a number of ways.

  • Call us on 1300 277 233 on business days between 9 am to 5 pm (AEST/AEDT)
  • Email us at support@energyintel.com.au
  • Fax us on 03 8610 2046

Faults and Emergencies
If your power has gone out, or in the event of an electrical emergency, fault or failure, you can contact the building/facility manager for faults and emergencies anytime. This number can be found on the front of your energy bill. Read more

Complaints and Disputes
Our dedicated Customer Support team are here to help with any queries or complaints. We welcome your feedback to improve our service to you. If you’re unhappy with the services offered by Energy Intelligence, contact us and we’ll address your concerns promptly and fairly. Click here to read more about our Dispute Resolution Policy  

Moving Out
Remember to inform us if you are moving out of your premises so that we can issue a final bill for power you consume, not someone else’s. We require at least 3-business days notice and a forwarding address for your bill, if you are moving permanently.

Life Support Equipment
If a person living at your Premises requires Life Support Equipment, you must register the Premises with us. Contact us for more information or email your Medical Confirmation; a certification from a registered medical practitioner that a person residing or intending to reside at a customer’s premises requires life support equipment to support@energyintel.com.au.

Electricity Concessions 
Residential tenants with eligible concession cards residing within Embedded Networks are still eligible for energy concessions. Tenants are required to apply for the concessions directly with the Department of Human Services (VIC) and Energy (NSW). For more information, Embedded Network Concession

Energy Intelligence is committed to complying with its obligations under the National Privacy Act as contained in the newly amended privacy legislation which came into effect on 21 December 2001 and preserving and respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our Customers. For more information, visit Privacy Policy 

Energy Made Easy
Energy Made Easy is an Australian Government website where you can compare energy offers. Visit Energy Made Easy at www.energymadeeasy.gov.au.

No Contact List
Energy Intelligence maintains a No Contact List through its operating system.

Should you not wish to be contacted by Energy Intelligence for marketing purposes, we can update your details to a Do Not Contact status.

To be noted as Do Not Contact status please contact us on:

  • Call us on 1300 277 233 on business days between 9 am to 5 pm (AEST/AEDT) 
  • Email us at support@energyintel.com.au