Moving Out

You can notify us either by writing to email support@energyintel.com.auor online Online form and we will take care of the rest.

We require at least 3-business days notice to process your request and organise for the power to be disconnected. You can email support@energyintel.com.auor online.

We will stop your direct debit after your final bill has been paid.


NMI stands for National Metering Identifier – a unique 10 digit value for every connection point. The NMI is used to transfer your site between retailers and for billing.

In general NMI's contains both the state and the distribution patch the connection point belongs too. For example Citipower (VIC) NMI blocks generally are from 6102000000 to 6103999999 or VAAA000000 to VAAAZZZZZZ and Energy Australia (NSW) NMI blocks generally are from 4102000000 to 4104999999 or NCCC000000 to NCCCZZZZZZ.

If you purchase power from an Embedded Network, you will not have an NMI. You are known as an Off-Market child. If you purchase power from your retailer of choice after Dec 2017, you should have a 7105 NMI. You are known as an On-Market child.

In most states you are able to purchase from your retailer of choice. You will need to let the retailer know that you are in an Embedded Network and that you are interested in an "Energy Only" offer. Not all retailers offer to sell to tenants in an Embedded Network.

For older properties, your metering assets may require costly upgrades at your expense. Check with your building manager.

A typical water meter has black and white numbers and red and white numbers. To obtain a meter read, read the black and white numbers. These numbers from left to right. These numbers represent kL's (1000 litres) and the read and white numbers or dials represent litres.

For older properties, your metering assets may require costly upgrades at your expense. Check with your building manager.


There is no fixed term contract.

Yes, there may be fees associated with connecting a property.

  • If you are moving in to a property, there will be an account set up fee.
  • If the power to your property has been disconnected, you will also be charged a connection fee for our service technician to visit the site and connect your power.

These fee's can be found on your Price Fact Sheet.

We will email your electricity bills monthly or as otherwise agreed with the Exempt Energy Retailer and where we bill hot water and cooktop charge, we may bill that bi-monthly.

Your bills will be based on actual meter reads, unless we could access your meter data, then we may estimate your reads. The type of reads will be displayed on your bills.

Your bills are due 14 business days from the date the bill was sent out. We offer multiple ways to pay your account, either by

  • Direct Debit - you will still receive a monthly bills and we will let you know when your account will be debited
  • BPay
  • Credit Card or at an Australia Post store

If a person living at your Premises requires Life Support Equipment, you must register the Premises with Energy Intelligence. Contact Us for more information 1300 277 233 or email support@energyintel.com.au. You must return our Life Support Form with your Medical Confirmation; a certification from a registered medical practitioner that a person residing or intending to reside at a customer’s premises requires life support equipment and we will register your property with the local distributor.

For more information, visit our Concession page or you can also download our Life Support Fact Sheet here Fact Sheet 3; Concession (VIC)

Residential tenants with eligible concession cards residing within Embedded Networks are still eligible for energy concessions however the way you access your concessions is a little different. Concessions vary from State to State and you will need to apply directly with them.

For more information, visit our Concession page

We understand this is not an easy time for you, we are sorry for your loss. We can help you with account transfer or cancellation

Contact us on 1300 277 233 to discuss your needs or email your request in writing to support@energyintel.com.au. We will need a copy of the death certificate and certified documentation showing you are authorised to act on behalf of the deceased. Please be sure to include with your contact information the best contact phone number in case we need to call you

We are here to help and can offer extra support and flexibility to suit your situation. Contact us on 1300 277 233 and press 1 for accounts or email support@energyintel.com.au. We have multiple options including

  • Payment plans tailored to suit your situation
  • Pay smoothing
  • Payment extensions
  • advice on how to access Concessions, Grants and Community assistance you may be eligible for.

Financial counsellors can also help customers manage energy and other household bills, providing long term support to customers in addition to our hardship programs.

Financial counselling services are offered by non-profit organisations to customers free of charge. For more information visit fcan.com.au or call 1800 007 007.