Our People

Mardi Trezise

Scott Black

Nicole Louise


Mardi has a purpose and passion that is larger than she is and the balanced personality and skills to put that purpose into action.  Her innovative, resourceful, and unintimidated by the unique challenges of Embedded Networks approach is why Energy Intelligence carries a strong organisational culture.

Sales and Marketing Director

As one of the pioneers of Embedded Networks with over 25 years experience, Scott has diverse experience across the energy sector in the fields of FMCG, Retail, Gas, Electricity, Voice, Data, Embedded Networks Coal, Gas, Renewable Generation Solar, Batteries, Energy Management, and Metering.

Financial Accounts Manager

Nicole’s 30 years experience in small businesses shows in the integrity and accuracy of both the Company & Embedded Network accounts and management reports she manages.


Pablo Armes

George Yerondais

Maciej Milczarek

Marketing and Operations Manager – Embedded Networks

With over a decade of energy experience up his sleeve, Pablo has worked in varied roles with three of the key players in the Embedded Network space, he currently heads our marketing and project management space.

Strategy & Operations Director

George has a comprehensive knowledge of the distribution and contestable markets, as well as the embedded network industry with proven track record for success in developing and selling smart energy solutions to a multitude of customers.

Operations and Sales Manager

Maciej responsibilities include leading, managing and mentoring the Operations and sales teams to ensure all energy tendering and analysis are delivered within expectations and presenting energy solutions to end-clients and partners.


Mussan Larnach

Rahul Mediratta

Pambudi Wahyudi

Compliance Manager

With over 14 years’ experience specialising in  Embedded Networks throughout VIC, WA and NECF states, Mussan runs our responsive Compliance Program ensuring your Embedded Network stays on top of the game.

Energy Consultant – Project Manager

Rahul brings a skill of multilevel relationship management and the ability to work with all cultures.    Rahul offers a balanced view on projects, adding laughter and wisdom to the team.  

Modelling Data Services Manager

Pambudi comprehensive work ethic and breadth of valuable skills have allowed Energy Intelligence to develop both tailored in house tools for us and energy management solutions for our clients’ needs