About Us

David Regenspurger is the founder and sole director of Energy Intelligence Pty Ltd.

The company was started in August 2008 to assist energy users better manage their energy accounts. Having managed a portfolio of large energy accounts for several years prior to starting Energy Intelligence, David was amazed at the apathy shown by energy retailers in providing energy management services to customers. When you think about it, the energy retailers do not want to assist consumers reduce their consumption as lower usage means lower revenues. Similarly the local network providers do not want to engage and educate customers on energy efficiency and demand reduction strategies as this also reduces their revenues. 

Energy Intelligence was formed to help consumers reduce the cost of their energy bills and provide an ongoing management and reporting services that ensures consumers remain on the most optimal network tariffs and on the lowest possible energy rates.

We provide independent energy management services designed to specifically reduce your energy costs. Energy Intelligence is not aligned with any of the energy retailers but instead acts solely in the best interests of its clients to reduce their energy costs.