EN Manager

All Embedded Networks in Australia with On Market Connections will be required to elect an Embedded Network Manager (ENM).

The purpose of the Embedded Network Manager (ENM) is to facilitate the transfer of a customer from off-market to on-market and back again in an Embedded Network if required. It is a condition of exemption under the National Energy Rules that network exemption holders either become an ENM or appoint one in certain situations.

As an accredited Embedded Network Manager, we will ensure your customers will still have the freedom of choice and purchase power from their own energy retailer in your embedded networks.  Our role is to ensure that all on market connections are accurately entered into the wholesale market systems (MSATS). Embedded network customers that do not appear in MSATS cannot receive electricity from a market retailer outside the embedded network. 

As an Embedded Network Specialists in the Commercial, Retail and Industrial space, we can provide a centralised ENM solution and tailor one to fit your Embedded Network and your needs or you can elect to remain with your Embedded Network Operator.