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Energy Network Manager

Have you nominated your Embedded Network Manager (ENM)? As an Accredited Embedded Network Manager, Energy Intelligence can ensure your Embedded Network stays compliant and your customer will have the freedom of choice.

Energy management services

We do smart things with energy. We can help through procurement of electricity and gas contracts, usage and emissions monitoring, network tariff optimisation, bill validation and sub-metering solutions.

Embedded Networks

Embedded networks provide competitive energy rates to tenants and additional income to owners. Energy Intelligence have significant experience in this area and the new Power of Choice reforms affecting Embedded Network Managers (ENM).

For our customers powered by one of our Embedded Netwoks, click here for more informaton.

Why choose us

We have achieved cost reductions for a wide variety of clients throughout Australia, ranging from large multi-national organisations to small businesses. We find savings that other consultants miss. There are many more reasons to choose Energy Intelligence.


Our credentials

Our success is built on our people and our track record.  Energy Intelligence is also a member of several professional organisations, like the Energy Users Association of Australia (affiliate), Australian Institute of Management, and VECCI. We're also the recommended energy consultant for members of the Victorian Farmers Federation.

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