Victorian Farmers Federation

The Victorian Farmers Federation has chosen Energy Intelligence as their preferred supplier of energy management services for their members.

Who is Energy Intelligence?
Energy Intelligence is a Melbourne based energy management firm that assists large energy users with managing their electricity and gas costs.  We are not aligned with any of the retailers and offer independent energy management services to consumers spending over $25K per annum (per account).



What services do we offer?
Energy Intelligence provides a range of services covering:


Can you help with small market accounts?
The VFF has entered into agreement with Momentum Energy for small market accounts. For any accounts where the annual cost is less than $25K per annum you should consider the rates offered by Momentum. For accounts where the annual cost is greater than $25K then you should contact Energy Intelligence for assistance.


Case Study.png

One of the first members to contact Energy Intelligence was a large horticulturist in the Mansfield area.  This member was with a major energy retailer and spending around $13K per month.

Following a review of the account, Energy Intelligence made a recommendation that the member move to a large market energy contract.  The advantages of doing so were:

  • First year savings of more than $58K (more than 35% of current spend) rising to over $62K in the second year.
  • Ability to access 30 minute meter data to help better understand and manage energy consumption at site.
  • Contract rates that are fixed and not subject to CPI. The only cost increases will be through regulated changes to network tariffs.

The savings made at this site reinforces the fact that all members spending more than $25K per annum should contact Energy Intelligence to discuss how we can help reduce their costs.

There is no cost to have your account reviewed and there is no obligation should savings be found.  If there are savings however, Energy Intelligence provides a guarantee on the savings or we will not charge.  This provides all VFF members with a no-lose scenario in reducing their energy costs.