Sub-metering of utilities such as electricity, gas and water allows site owners to better understand and manage energy consumption.

When used with remote meter reading technology, consumption data can be readily captured to allow regular reporting. This data can also be easily viewed through a web portal with data from electricity meters available in 15 or 30 min periods up until midnight the day before.

By monitoring consumption at site, usage anomalies can be identified and resolved thereby eliminating cost leakage. Similarly, monitoring allows energy management strategies to be deployed to help reduce total cost of supply at each site. Sub metering a site allows you to:

  • View energy consumption data across your entire site
  • Capture and view carbon emission information.
  • Monitor, manage and analyse consumption of key utilities to help identify anomalous areas of usage.
  • Develop energy management strategies to help reduce costs.
  • Provide information for direct allocation of billing cost centres such as apportioning energy and cost for air conditioning plants in shopping centres.
  • Compare utility consumption usage across multiple sites.
  • Provide 30 minute interval data to energy retailers when tendering to obtain better contract rates.
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Energy Intelligence can assist you with the installation of sub-metering equipment including remote metering technologies that will provide you with online access to all your energy data. We are supplier independent so use best of breed technologies depending on your requirements.

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