Embedded Networks

Deregulation of the energy industry on the eastern seaboard of Australia over the past 10 years has led to the growth of private embedded (electricity) networks. If you are the owner or manager of a multi-tenanted building or property estate then you are able to on-sell energy to your tenants. Tenants benefit through cheaper energy bills and owners/managers benefit through additional revenue streams from the building.

Energy Intelligence can assist you with all aspects of setting up and operating an embedded network at your site. This includes:


  • Performing a detailed site feasibility to determine returns that can be made from on-selling electricity for both new developments and existing buildings.
  • Marketing and sign up to tenants.
  • Project managing the implementation process to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to embedded network supply.
  • Registering the site with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and provide advice regarding the guidelines for on-selling electricity.
  • Providing ongoing operational advice covering parent meter supply, tenant price setting and recovery of applicable network charges.

The staff at Energy Intelligence have significant experience within the embedded network sector having been involved with the implementation and operation of more than 50 embedded network sites within Victoria, NSW, SA, TAS and QLD for clients such as Colonial First State, Stockland, GPT, Federation (ex Centro), Pacific Shopping Centres, DexusGoodman, Walker Corporation, Gillon Group and Salta Properties.

Embedded Networks - Construction Design 
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One of Energy Intelligence's key assets is its modelling capability which has been used to evaluate hundreds of embedded network sites across Australia.

The model developed has been proven to accurately predict financial returns to owners and managers of multi-tenanted buildings such as shopping centres, residential high rise, office buildings and industrial complexes wanting to implement embedded networks.

Contact us today for free independent advice on whether your site can benefit from the on-selling of electricity.