Energy Procurement

Whether you are a small or large business, Energy Intelligence can secure the best possible energy rates for your site.

This may be as simple as beating the energy rate you have been quoted or using our comprehensive tendering service. Our tender process provides you with a transparent and clear understanding of rates offered by the retailers.

We prepare the necessary tender documents and send a copy to every licensed energy retailer in the market place. In order for Energy Intelligence to obtain the best price, we may also obtain meter data for your site to send with the tender.

Once all responses have been received, we will process and analyse the offers ensuring things like Metering, Renewable Energy Certificates (LRET, SRES & VEET), Service Fees and other ancillary costs are taken into account. With any evaluation, we may also consider other factors that may be important to you such as aggregated billing and online access to your electricity accounts.

Energy Intelligence will present all pricing offers to you in summary form and make a recommendation based on our analysis.

Contact us for a chat about how we can assist you in securing the best energy rates in the market. Click here for more information.