Contract Monitoring

If you spend over $30,000 in electricity per annum (per individual account) then you could benefit from using our contract monitoring services. 

This service covers:

  • Monitor energy contract expiry dates to ensure accounts do not fall onto default energy rates.
  • Monitor market pricing to advise optimal timing for purchase and optimal period of supply contracts.
  • Formal tendering of site supply.
  • Comprehensive tender analysis of retailer offers.
  • Analysis of energy network tariffs to ensure minimisation of network charges on each account.
  • Annual budgeting for each energy account.
  • Monitoring and management of site demand including the provision of demand reduction strategies to help reduce energy consumption and associated demand charges.
  • Account validation and bill reconciliation using actual meter data to identify and reduce retailer over-charges.
  • Ongoing professional advice with regards to energy pricing, regulatory obligations and energy management best practices.

This service enables you to make educated decisions about electricity supply covering management, procurement and cost minimisation. If you are a property manager, our charges can be passed through on your retail bill (as a separate line item) allowing simplified cost recovery through tenant outgoings.

Contact Energy Intelligence today for a confidential chat about your requirements and how we can help you better manage your energy accounts.