Consumption Monitoring

Energy Intelligence uses an in-house system for the capture, storage and reporting of utility data for its clients. Some of the key benefits of using BERT include:

  • Electricity consumption can be viewed at an enterprise level, site level or individual meter level.
  • Ability to monitor and compare usage across multiple sites to help identify cost saving and energy saving initiatives.
  • View current and historical carbon emissions to help meet environmental targets, satisfy government reporting and develop energy management strategies.
  • Capture data to satisfy NABERS, BEEC and other mandatory disclosure requirements.
  • Dashboard capability to enable open area or desktop display of selected data streams.
  • Online user portal allowing quick access to energy data for graphing and/or download
  Our Building Energy Reporting Tool (BERT) is capable of capturing data from almost any source and reporting on this data in whatever format and whatever frequency you require.
More Information
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BERT is a highly capable and highly flexible system that can be easily configured ⁞to suit your reporting needs for little to no upfront cost. There is no capital investment required nor are you required to enter into long term contracts. BERT is available for use on a month to month basis with costs passed onto your energy bill (as a Value Added Service Charge) making recovery from tenants or allocation to internal cost centres very simple.

Call us now for a no obligation demonstration (using your own data) and see why BERT is one the best energy management systems available in the Australian market place. You can also find more information on BERT here.