BERT is a comprehensive and intuitive energy management system providing an impressive range of tools for managing all aspects of energy data covering electricity, gas and water.

Data may be automatically imported into BERT from almost any data source including data loggers, BMS, SCADA systems, electronic billing data and spreadsheets.

BERT is a scalable product, suitable for use across any industry sector and for companies of any size with any number of meter points that require ongoing management, monitoring and reporting.

Energy Analysis
Perform detailed analyses of energy data including; consumption, CO2 emissions, demand, power and load factor and hot spot mapping.

Bring together essential energy information on a single page. Up to four screens may be viewed at once with automatic updates every minute. 

Data Exchange
Import and export energy data in a wide variety of formats either manually or automatically.

Calculated Meters
Aggregate meter data, calculate building efficiency or compare sub-meter data against a main meter.

Create benchmarking reports based on government or user defined standards.

Reporting & Alarms
Automatic generation of energy reports and alarms easily configured to suit your needs.

Screen shorts - energy management system
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